Let’s Tap!

- 11:35

In today’s fast-paced world, managing emotional and physical health is crucial. One effective method to achieve this balance is through the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as Tapping. This simple yet powerful technique can be a game-changer in dealing with various issues, ranging from physical pain to emotional barriers.

EFT, akin to acupressure but without needles, involves tapping on specific energy meridians in the body to stimulate energy flow. It’s particularly effective in addressing negative emotions stemming from trauma or stress, which can disrupt this energy flow. This disruption can have significant impacts on both emotional and physical well-being.

Interestingly, the act of tapping is a natural response to stress, as even our closest relatives, chimpanzees, tap on their chests to boost their immune systems. The process of EFT is simple:

  1. Identify the issue and its intensity on a scale of 0-10.
  2. The Set-Up: Acknowledge the problem (e.g., ‘I feel a nagging pain in my back’) using negative language, as it’s this negativity that causes the disruptions.
  3. Accept yourself despite the problem with affirmations like ‘I completely love and accept myself.’
  4. The Sequence: This involves tapping about seven times on each energy point, including the head, eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, chin, collarbone, underarm, wrist, and finger points. This part is crucial for stimulating and balancing the body’s energy pathways.
  5. Re-evaluate the intensity of the issue.

Start by tapping on the side of your left hand and proceed through the sequence. It’s a flexible method – there’s no right or wrong way to tap.

EFT is a versatile and forgiving technique that can be tailored to individual needs. It offers a unique way to address a wide range of issues, from physical ailments to deep-seated emotional barriers. For more information and evidence-based research, you can explore resources on the ‘Change Ahead’ website by Penny Croal and delve into the world of EFT & Mindfulness. Remember, in the journey of self-care and emotional healing, EFT can be a powerful ally, guiding you towards a healthier, more balanced life.

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