February 2014. I can still hear my scream as they bought me round from the spinal fusion. They had missed my spine with the anaesthetic. The pain was too much for me to endure, my body shut down and I went away from the world to hide. I nearly died.

My life was not saved that day by a surgeon, but by the Registrar of the hospital who stayed by my side and kept telling me to find my ‘happy place’. I just couldn’t. 24 hours later my daughters were brought in, presumably to say goodbye. They were my ‘happy place’ and I came round. I would not be here today without my beautiful girls.

Engulfed with PTSD , addicted to opioids, the overuse of alcohol and struggling with grief after losing the four women who had shaped my life, my health spiralled out of control until I found myself sitting in front of four consultants on four consecutive days asking if my conditions were connected. They didn’t know as they only dealt with their specialised area.

I decided to have a tumour removed from my throat but move away from conventional medicine to heal my other chronic illnesses.

To date, the journey I am on has been extraordinary.

I am a long-standing advocate for our health and that of the planet.
I discovered that EVERYTHING is connected.

I am not there yet, does anyone ever get ‘there’? But I have transformed my life beyond all recognition! I no longer recognise that chronically depressed, pained woman who barely left her bed for two years.

In the year of the Coronavirus, 2020, I decided to share my story through ‘The Natural Wellness Journal’, a book to gently guide others through many of the techniques that I have used on my own self-healing path. Join me in the wonderful world of personalised, natural medicine and the associated miracles of the mind and body, including those I have chosen to train in EFT/Matrix Reimprinting, SOMA Breathwork and Infinite Breath. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be launching my Podcast “The Wellness Way with Philly J Lay”.

I am passionate in my beliefs that everything is connected and that when we learn to heal ourselves, we will help to heal this beautiful planet.

I have been on an astonishing journey to heal myself… naturally! Listen to my personal healing story in the video below…