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I’m Philly, podcast host, natural wellness guide, EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Breathwork/Meditation Coach. Author of The Natural Wellness Journal, The Wellness Way: Your Natural Health Systems books and The Wellness Awakening meditation album, taking you on a journey from past lives to passing.

After a near-death medical procedure, years of PTSD, addiction to opioids and alcohol whilst ‘coping’ with grief, resulting in a range of chronic illnesses including a tumour in my throat, I discovered personalised natural medicine and the associated miracles of the body and power of the mind. I am a long standing advocate for our health and that of the planet, passionate in my belief that everything is connected. Read more about me here.

You can find all my work here and on the Shop Philly page, including The Wellness Way Fasterclass video series based on my first book, The Natural Wellness Journal and my Philly’s Kitchen series to learn some of my favourite seasonal recipes!

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New interactive ebook: The Wellness Way: A beginner’s guide to Your Natural Health Systems

I am excited to announce the release of my new interactive digital book, The Wellness Way: A beginner’s guide to Your Natural Health Systems.

This beginner-friendly guide is a one stop shop for the complete wellness of body, mind, and spirit. In this ebook we explore why we are sick, what we are made of and how to start your journey. 'The Wellness Way' is not just a self-help ebook; it's a path towards understanding your body and our connections to nature.

Throughout this ebook, I will link to some of my truly amazing guests on the podcast to connect you with their work. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey towards Your Natural Health Systems!

Can you please help me share my work by writing a review for my book below. If you have found anything helpful… it would be great to let others know! Thank you 🙏

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