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Welcome to The Wellness Way with Philly J Lay podcast

June 2022 I started my podcast to share more information about all the wonderful things that you can do for your health that we’re not being told about. There is no money in healthy people.

I have interviewed some astonishing guests, including the amazing, Dr John Gray, Dr Bruce Lipton, Matt Roeske from Cultivate Elevate, Guy Singh-Watson from Riverford Farm and many more. I have so many amazing people coming on soon, including Barbara O’Neill and Zach Bush MD. This is a very exciting moment in the history of mankind to change the paradigm in which we live.

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Thank you so much for being here.

# GuestTitleWhere to listen/watch
108Solo EditionThe Wellness Way's 2nd Anniversary: The Doctor of YOUR Future is YOU!
107Susan KennardSusan Kennard: "We Are Creator Beings"
106Clive de CarleClive de Carle: "These Vitamins Saved My Life!"
105Dr Tess LawrieDr Tess Lawrie exposes Big Pharma Tactics
104Barbara O'NeillBarbara O'Neill's Nine Laws for Health Revealed!
103Patrick HolfordThe Hidden Truth About Alzheimer's with Patrick Holford
102Louise Carron Harris'A NEW EARTH IS COMING' with Louise Carron Harris
101Sam KelseyNavigating Earth School with Sam Kelsey
100TomFooleryRhymes & Reason with TomFoolery
99Rachel ElnaughFrom Dragons’ Den to Plant Medicine: Rachel Elnaugh Tells All
98Rafe NauenThe Dark Truth About Generational Trauma
97Nick PineaultUnveiling the Truth about EMFs with Nick Pineault, The EMF Guy
96Barbara & Michael O'NeillThe ASSASSINATION of Barbara O’Neill
95London NootropicsUnlocking Brain Power with London Nootropics: A Dragons' Den Journey
94Galahad ClarkEmbracing Nature: The Vivo Barefoot Movement with Galahad Clark
93Manuel BenagesOvercoming Struggles: The Story of Athletic Minds Foundation
92Manuel BenagesManuel Benages: Overcoming Personal Trauma
91Paula CarnellBuzzing Insights with Paula Carnell & Philly J Lay
90Dr. Sara PughQuantum Insights with Dr. Sara Pugh & Philly J Lay
89Doc MalikMedical Ethics, Free Speech and Personal Freedom - with Doc Malik
88Cate StillmanEmbracing Ancient Healing Wisdom and Urine Therapy with Cate Stillman
87Jon MasonThe Energetic Body with Jon Mason
86Bobby QureshiNatural Solutions to Health with Bobby Qureshi from the College of Naturopathic Medicine
85Lucy RobertsExploring the Healing Power of Colloidal Silver with Lucy Roberts from Active Silver
84Ryan MartinDeep Dive into Diet and Detox with Ryan Martin
83Solo EditionA Wellness Celebration
82Dr. Geoffrey GovierThe Wellness Way - A Holiday Special with Dr. Geoffrey Govier
81Paul CongdonHow to Manifest a Positive Life - Conversation with Paul Congdon
80Zach Bush MDBreathing In Your Gut Biome - Zach Bush MD on Microbiome and Health
79Jo Webber and Kate SirajAyurveda: Ancient Wisdom Unveiled
78Dr. Bradley CampbellIs Your Water Clean? - Discussion with Dr. Bradley Campbell
77Matt RoeskeMoon Cycles, DEW and Geoengineering - Matt Roeske Connects The Dots
76Pauline AdamsHealing with Ayahuasca
75Ellie McKayOn A Mission: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone for Personal Growth with Ellie McKay
74Jo & Marion from Pukka TeaHerbalism, Tea and Health - Jo & Marion from Pukka Tea Reveal The Health Benefits of Herbs & Spices
73Sebastian PoleHealing With Herbs - Exploring The World Of Herbalism with Sebastian Pole
72Neil ShahManaging Stress, and the Transformative Potential of Psychedelics with Neil Shah
71Patrick HolfordCan Diet Stop Alzheimer's? Patrick Holford on the Connection Between Nutrition & The Brain
70David WongHealing Frequencies Unveiled: Exploring Qi Coils with David Wong
69Brooke SiemMental Health, Anti-Depressants and Self-Care with Brooke Siem
68Jane LewisMe and My Menopausal Vagina: Living With Vaginal Atrophy
67Dr. Michael AshWill AI Replace Doctors? Concerned Doctor Speaks Out - Dr. Michael Ash
66Janice ThompsonUnfolding the Many Layers of Grief and Finding Peace Again - with EFTMRA Master Trainer Janice Thompson
65Dr. Aseem MalhotraFrom Cardiology to Clarity: Dr. Aseem Malhotra's Bold Approach to Health
64Dr. Kaytlin WesterbergThe Wellness Way - Dr. Kaytlin Westerberg - How Toxic Is Mold?
63Nickita StarkEmpowering Mothers: Nickita Stark's "When Push Comes To Shove"
62Penny CroalReconnecting with Mentor Penny Croal: The Magic of EFT Unveiled
61Carol MeadEmbracing Nature's Magic with Carol Mead of Elyse & Me
60Barbara WilkinsonUnlocking Nature's Pharmacy with Barbara Wilkinson
59Dr. Roger McFillinOver Prescription of Psychiatric Drugs for Young Children - Insights with Dr. Roger McFillin
58Dr. Tess LawrieControversial Conversations: Challenging Global Health Governance with Dr. Tess Lawrie
57Dr. Brad CampbellControversial Conversations on COVID-19: Unveiling the Flaws and Alternative Perspectives with Dr. Brad Campbell, MD
56Solo SpecialWelcome to The Wellness Way with Philly J Lay - First Anniversary Summer Solstice Solo Special