Cate Stillman’s Wisdom to Harnessing Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellness

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Welcome to another episode of The Wellness Way with Philly Jay

Hello, lovely people! In this week’s episode of “The Wellness Way with Philly Jay,” we had the incredible opportunity to dive into the world of holistic wellness with none other than Cate Stillman, a renowned author and thought leader in the field. Cate, known for her groundbreaking work in “The Witch’s Cancer,” brings a unique perspective on primal habits, circadian rhythm, and entrepreneurship in the modern world.

Exploring the Microbiome Diet and the Healing Crisis

Our conversation started with the pivotal role of the microbiome diet in managing health crises. Cate illuminated how this diet influences healing processes, delving into topics like liver flush, gut shots, and the critical importance of circadian rhythm in maintaining health. She boldly stated that cancer can be seen as an extreme form of dysbiosis, advocating for holistic methods in addressing chronic diseases.

The Art of Investing in Yourself

One of the most enlightening parts of our talk centred around self-investment. Drawing wisdom from her book “Uninflamed,” Cate shared strategies for investing our attention, finances, or credit into personal growth and health. These insights are crucial for anyone looking to enhance their wellness at any stage of life.

Unconventional Healing: Cow Dung and Urine Therapy

In a fearless exploration of controversial healing methods, Cate introduced us to cow dung therapy and urine therapy. While these might sound unconventional, she discussed their potential benefits and how they can be integrated into modern wellness practices. It’s a testament to the simple yet profound nature of holistic health approaches.

Closing Thoughts: A Challenge to Embrace the Ancient for Modern Well-being

As we wrapped up our conversation, Cate’s wisdom stood as a challenge against conventional norms. She encourages us to reconnect with ancient healing practices and primal habits, offering a pathway to holistic well-being amidst the complexities of modern life. Her insights not only enlighten but also urge us to find a deeper connection with our primal selves.

Join us next week for more insightful discussions on “The Wellness Way with Philly Jay.” Until then, keep exploring, keep questioning, and stay connected to your holistic journey!

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