Embracing the Buzz: A Journey with Paula Carnell, Guardian of the Bees

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In the intricate and fascinating world of apiculture, few names resonate as profoundly as Paula Carnell. Far more than a bee consultant, Paula stands as a pillar of knowledge and a guiding light in the beekeeping community. Her work, extending from the verdant fields of Somerset to the remote valleys of Bhutan, has not only earned international acclaim but also inspired a global audience to look closer at the humble bee and its impact on our world.

A Passionate Guardian at The Newt in Somerset

At the heart of Paula’s work is her role as the head beekeeper at The Newt in Somerset, an esteemed position where her dedication to the well-being of bees shines. Here, Paula is not just tending to hives; she is nurturing ecosystems, ensuring the health and prosperity of the bee populations under her care. Her commitment extends beyond the boundaries of The Newt, as she shares her wealth of knowledge with honey producers, landowners, and nature enthusiasts across the globe.

The Honey Trail: An International Journey

Paula’s journey along the honey trail is nothing short of remarkable. Through her eyes, we explore the nuanced and complex world of beekeeping and honey production. From the lush, green landscapes of Somerset to the tranquil, untouched beauty of Bhutan, Paula’s experiences shed light on the symbiotic relationship humans share with bees. Her travels are not just physical journeys but a deep exploration of cultures, traditions, and the universal significance of bees to our ecosystems and livelihoods.

Reconnecting with Nature Through Beekeeping

One of the most profound messages Paula shares is the transformative power of reconnecting with nature through beekeeping. In her view, beekeeping is more than a hobby or profession; it’s a pathway to mindfulness, wellness, and a deeper understanding of our environment. Paula eloquently discusses how the act of beekeeping can foster a harmonious relationship with the natural world, encouraging environmental stewardship and a mindful appreciation of the small yet significant creatures that populate our planet.

A Literary Journey into the World of Bees

Beyond her work in the field, Paula Carnell is a celebrated author and educator, whose publications “Artist to Bees” and “A Quest for Bees in Bhutan” offer readers a window into her soulful connection with bees. Through her writing, Paula explores the intersection of art, culture, and beekeeping, presenting a rich narrative that intertwines her personal journey with broader themes of ecological and cultural significance. Her books are not merely texts but gateways to understanding the intricate tapestry of life that bees and humans share.


Joining Paula Carnell on her journey is an invitation to marvel at the world of bees, to gain insights into the art and science of beekeeping, and to understand the indispensable role these creatures play in our world. Her work reminds us of the profound connection between humans and nature, urging us to embrace the buzz and discover the wonders of the apicultural world. As we delve into the mysteries of beekeeping, honey production, and the deep bond between humans and bees, Paula’s guidance serves as a beacon, illuminating the path to discovery and wonder.

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