The Wellness Awakening Meditations




In my journey so far… and hey… I’ve still got away to go, the most important part of my daily routine is meditation. I love doing this through breathwork. One amazing aspect of this that I have discovered… is I’m a shit hot manifester!!!!

How do we learn to manifest? Through our vibration. The vibration of the Universe, sound, light, gratitude, love… and above…

In 2022, I wrote and released my first album, The Wellness Awakening. This charts some of the wonderful techniques that I have learnt on my journey.

Together we will gently meander through an introduction to our ancestors, their trauma, our trauma and start the healing process with self love, grounding, chakras, manifestation, sleep and an outro taking us to the last day of our lives. We are the ancestors of the future. Let’s heal the cycle.

Remember… where you are now is NOT your final destination.