Introducing The Natural Wellness Journal, a Lay persons guide to your own NHS, Natural Health Systems. Packed full of bite-size information and techniques to build a strong immune system and bring complete wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

Together we will gently meander through The Body; Diet; Nutrition; Detox; Creativity, Nature, Meditations through breathwork and Emotion = Energy in motion.

The Natural Wellness Journal is much more than a self-help book. Although it is written to guide you through over fifty of the techniques that I  used to recover from a near-death medical procedure, years of grief and many chronic illnesses, it’s main purpose is to teach you about your body, the link between our health to that of the planet and connect people with the many  experts that I have learnt from.

Boost Your Natural Health System

  • Your complete guide to boosting your Natural Health Systems; The Natural Wellness Journal gives you a deep understanding of practices that will help you heal not only yourself but also our beautiful planet.
  • Together we will gently meander through; The body, diet & nutrition, sleep, emotion, self-love, breathwork, journalling,  creativity, meditation, nature & so much more!
  • Use the journal pages to reflect on how you feel throughout your journey.
  • Let’s raise our energy vibrations out of Guilt, Grief and Fear, the biggest suppressors of the immune system; through Courage, Reason, Love and Joy, so that we may find peace again.
  • The perfect wellness gift: Help a loved one on their way to natural health. 
  • This journal is no substitute for medical advice, just another perspective to help support your healing if you wish to include anything. Please always consult your doctor or healthcare provider for any conditions that concern you.

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